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Cardboard Ringo, originally formed in 2005, made noise in the Sacramento, California music scene with a brand of Rock n Roll that molded aspects of Art, Poetry, Style, and Music into its own genre. Founding members Johnny Pocketts and Chase Fontaine have been a solid foundation. Bassist Steve Yarbrough has fulfilled different roles in the band jumping in to fill a vacated Bassist position, moving on to Drums, then returning to Bass. A revolving door at the drummer’s throne has been a blessing and a curse. The inspiration for the name Cardboard Ringo was spurred by multiple rear ends manning the seat and even leading to no Drummer at one point prompting frontman Johnny Pocketts to suggest using a drum machine and staging a cardboard cut-out of Beatles drummer Ringo Starr behind the kit as a solution to the vacancy. Nevertheless Cardboard Ringo inevitably clocked out and took a sabbatical. 
              In early 2018 the coals began to glow once again in the Cardboard Ringo camp. Messages were exchanged, talks were had, only to die down and smolder in the ashes once again. A few months later an ignitor appeared to reignite the flames when Pocketts recruited local Punk Rock drummer Joe Edwards to sit in on a couple of Cardboard Ringo sessions. Needless to say that fire has grown to a full on INFERNO and has cast smoke and flame on the Sacramento music scene once again. 
             2019 introduced us to the new Cardboard Ringo! CR 2.0 still encompasses all the eclectic influences as before, but now those influences are louder and prouder than ever before with the addition of Edwards on the Drums. Johnny Pocketts/Vocals, Chase Fontaine/Guitars, Steve Yarbrough/Bass, have welcomed Joe Edwards/Drums with open arms. Fontaine and Pocketts songwriting style dip in the well of anything and everything which is on full display with Cardboard Ringo’s debut EP “Drop of a Dime”, which is set to release in December of 2019. Cardboard Ringo is not only a premier recording machine, but the live experience is not to be missed. Fans have categorized it as “Spiritual”, “out of this world”, and “Fucking Unbelievable”. Sorry those are fans expressions not ours. 2019 had Cardboard Ringo sharing the stage with Rock n Roll legends Faster Pussycat, Great White, and Pretty Boy Floyd. 2020 is already looking promising and Cardboard Ringo will begin by sharing the stage London’s own The Quireboys. Tours, Festivals, and more recording will be in the works for Cardboard Ringo as well in 2020. Cardboard Ringo brings it all together, Excellent Music and an unforgettable live show. As expressed by Drummer Joe Edwards “We are not in the Music Business, We are in the Entertainment business, and we want you to Hear, See, and Feel Cardboard Ringo”.  Booking: 707.365.8041  

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